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David Mortensen






Lolo Montana

A Bit About Me

At the age of 25 I had a major shift in my life that led me on a path of helping others setting a course to discovering their Destiny in life. Whether I found myself in India, Thailand, on the coast in California or living between two drug dealers I have given my life for the advancement of others. With over 30 years’ experience working with, working through, elevating, and helping to establish and fulfill the true passion and desire of the heart. It is my passion, and this is my Destiny!

Life Experience

October 1985 - Present

July 1990 - May 2000

November 1985 - June 1988

This is when I first realized that I had a love and a passion for others. That my Destiny was rooted in helping others, no matter their circumstance or stature in life. Soul Care Life Coaching is a compilation of life experience with the single focus to promote the upward betterment of others.

Multiple trips to India, Thailand, and Israel. This formed a expanded cultural view, an intensified love for humanity, and created a desire to reach out beyond US boarders to minister God's love and healing. Also, attended schooling for counseling and biblical studies. 

Moved out of a home in Pacific Grove California to a single-story condo, between to crack dealers. The neighborhood was predominately black. As a result I crossed another cultural divide and poured my life and resources into a tremendous need. I am grateful to have had my eyes opened and my life changed forever. 

Also, I spent time on the weekends supporting inmates at Soledad Prison preparing individuals for life outside of incarceration. 

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